Introducing a charming two-story cottage, Vacation Escape with Sunroom Plan 80646PM, perfect for nature lovers who appreciate outdoor living spaces. This cozy home offers 1,015 heated square feet of living space with two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The architectural style of the house is a blend of Cottage and Vacation themes, making it an ideal retreat or primary residence.

Home Details:
– 2 Bedrooms
– 2 Full Bathrooms
– 1,015 Heated Square Feet
– Two Stories

The house measures 24 feet wide by 28 feet deep and features a terrace adjacent to a screened sunroom. The ground floor covers 672 square feet and includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen opening up onto a dining room, and a living room with fireplace. The second floor spans across 343 square feet of living area featuring an additional bedroom, bathroom, reading area overlooking the living room below.

Types of Lots it Could Go On:
This versatile cottage plan can be placed on various types of lots such as:
1. Sloping Lots – With its walkout basement foundation option.
2. Wooded Lots – To maximize the connection to nature.
3. Narrow Lots – Due to its compact width.
4. Lakeside or Coastal Properties – As an idyllic vacation retreat.

MLS Listing:

Property Type: Single Family Home
Price: [Enter Price]
Location: [Enter Location]

Escape into this enchanting two-story cottage featuring two bedrooms and two full bathrooms within its comfortable layout spanning over 1,015 heated square feet. This charming home is designed for nature lovers who will appreciate the screened sunroom and terrace that provide ample outdoor enjoyment opportunities in any season.

Key Features:
– Architectural Style: Cottage/Vacation
– Two Bedrooms & Two Full Bathrooms
– Screened Sunroom & Terrace for Outdoor Living
– First Floor Master Suite
– Living Room with Fireplace
– Reading Area on Second Floor Overlooking Living Room Below
– 9′ Ceiling Height on First Floor & 8′ Ceiling Height on Second Floor

Don’t miss the opportunity to make this delightful cottage your dream home or vacation escape. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a private tour!


Finish Out Options and Costs:

1. Flooring:
a. Hardwood flooring: $6 – $12 per sq. ft.
b. Laminate flooring: $3 – $7 per sq. ft.
c. Tile flooring: $5 – $10 per sq. ft.
d. Carpet: $2 – $5 per sq. ft.

2. Kitchen:
a. Standard cabinets: $100 – $300 per linear foot
b. Custom cabinets: $500 – $1,200 per linear foot
c. Granite countertops: $40 – $60 per sq.ft.
d. Quartz countertops: 50$- 100$per sq.ft.

a.Standard fixtures (toilet, sink, tub/shower):$500-$1,000 each
b.Premium fixtures (toilet, sink, tub/shower):$1,000-$3,000 each
c.Tile shower surround:$15-$50 per sq.ft.

a.Gas fireplace insert:$2,000-$4,000
b.Wood-burning fireplace insert:$1,500-$3,500

5.Windows and Doors:
a.Vinyl windows:$250-$600 each
b.Wood windows:$400-$900 each
c.Fiberglass entry door:$800-$2,500

a.Interior painting (walls and ceilings):$2 -$4 per sq.ft.

7.Exterior Finish:
a.Vinyl siding:$4 -$8 per sq.ft.
b.Fiber cement siding:$6 -$12per sq.ft.
c.Wood siding:$8 -$15per sq.ft.

8.Roofing Materials:
a.Asphalt shingles :$3 -$5per sq.ft.
b.Metal roofing :$7 -$15per sq.ft.

9. Lighting:
a. Standard lighting fixtures: $50 – $200 each
b. Premium lighting fixtures: $200 – $500 each

10. Landscaping:
a.Basic landscaping (grass, plants, mulch):$3 -$6 per sq.ft.
b.Premium landscaping (stone, pavers, water features):$10 -$20 per sq.ft.

Please note that these costs are approximate and may vary depending on the region, labor costs, and material availability. It is always recommended to consult with local contractors and suppliers for accurate pricing based on your specific requirements and preferences.


Based on the provided information, here is a list of materials needed to build the house:

1. Concrete for foundation and footings
2. Rebar for reinforcing concrete
3. Gravel for drainage under the foundation
4. Waterproofing membrane for foundation walls
5. Insulation for foundation walls
6. Sump pump system (if required)

Framing Materials:
7. 2×6 lumber for exterior walls
8. 2×4 lumber for interior walls and partitions
9. Trusses or rafters for roof framing
10. Sheathing (plywood or OSB) for exterior walls and roof decking

Exterior Finishes:
11. House wrap or building paper as a weather-resistant barrier
12. Siding material (e.g., vinyl, wood, brick, or stone)
13. Roofing material (e.g., asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or tiles)
14. Exterior trim materials (e.g., wood, PVC, or fiber cement)
15. Windows and exterior doors

Interior Finishes:
16. Drywall and joint compound for interior walls and ceilings
17. Interior trim materials (e.g., baseboards, casings, crown molding)
18. Interior doors and hardware

Flooring Materials:
19.Subfloor materials (plywood or OSB)
20.Floor coverings (e.g., hardwood flooring, carpeting, tile)

Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures:
21.Cabinets and countertops
22.Sinks and faucets

Mechanical Systems & Electrical Components:
25.Heating & air conditioning equipment
27.Plumbing pipes & fixtures
28.Electrical wiring & outlets/switches
29.Light fixtures

Other Miscellaneous Materials:
31.Fireplace components/materials

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive and may require adjustments based on local building codes, specific design choices, and site conditions. It is recommended to consult with a local contractor or architect for accurate material estimates.

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