Introducing a flexible Craftsman Bungalow with 3 or 4 bedrooms, plan 50179PH. This classic 2,268 sq. ft. cottage boasts a beautiful and cost-efficient design, perfect for those who appreciate both style and practicality. The home features an open floor plan, flex space that can be customized to suit individual needs, and energy-efficient elements throughout.

Home Details:
– Heated area: 2,268 sq. ft.
– Bedrooms: 4
– Bathrooms: 3
– Stories: 2
– Architectural styles: Bungalow, Cottage, Craftsman

Special Features:
– Front porch with large gable for great curb appeal
– Simple roofline and rectangular foundation for cost efficiency
– Energy-efficient appliances and extra insulation options
– Open floor plan for easy living and entertaining
– Flex room that can be tailored to individual needs
– Master suite on the second floor

Types of Lots it Could Go On:
This versatile Craftsman bungalow would fit well on various types of lots including:
1. Suburban or urban infill lots where space is limited.
2. Corner lots with ample yard space for outdoor living.
3. Sloping lots with the optional walkout basement foundation.

MLS Listing:

Property Type: Single Family Home

Price: [Enter Price]

Location: [Enter Location]

This flexible Craftsman Bungalow offers an ideal blend of style and functionality with its beautiful design and cost-efficient features. The spacious open floor plan includes a generous living area complete with an optional flex room that can be customized to suit individual needs.

With four bedrooms and three full bathrooms spread across two stories, this home provides ample space for families of all sizes while maintaining its charming bungalow aesthetic.

Additional highlights include energy-efficient appliances, extra insulation options for added comfort, a master suite on the second floor complete with a private bathroom, as well as a cozy front porch perfect for enjoying warm summer evenings.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a stunning Craftsman Bungalow that combines timeless charm with modern conveniences. Contact us today to schedule a viewing or for more information.


Finish Out Options and Costs:

1. Flooring:
a. Hardwood flooring: $6 – $12 per sq. ft.
b. Laminate flooring: $3 – $7 per sq. ft.
c. Carpet: $2 – $5 per sq. ft.
d. Tile flooring: $5 – $10 per sq. ft.

2. Kitchen:
a. Basic cabinets and countertops: $3,000 – $8,000
b. Mid-range cabinets and countertops: $8,000 – $15,000
c. High-end cabinets and countertops: $15,000 – $30,000

3. Appliances (Energy-efficient):
a.Refrigerator: 1,200-2,500$

4.Bathroom fixtures:
a.Basic fixtures (sink,toilet,tub/shower):$300-$1,200
b.Mid-range fixtures:$1,200-$3,500
c.High-end fixtures:$3 ,500-$10 ,000

5.Painting (interior):
a.Basic paint job:$1 -$2 per sq.ft.
b.Premium paint job:$2 -$4 per sq.ft.

6.Windows (Energy-efficient):
a.Vinyl windows :$250 -$600 each(window+installation)
b.Wood windows :$400 -$900 each(window+installation)

7.Insulation :
a.Blown-in insulation :$0 .60-$.80per square foot
b.Spray foam insulation :$0 .90-$.110per square foot

8.Exterior siding :
a.Vinyl siding :$2 -$7per square foot
b.Fiber cement siding :$4 -$10per square foot
c.Wood siding :$6 -$12per square foot

9.Roofing :
a.Asphalt shingles :$3.50 -$5.50per square foot
b.Metal roofing :$5 -$14 per square foot

10.Electrical and lighting fixtures:
a.Basic fixtures:$1,000-$3,000
b.Mid-range fixtures:$3,000-$6,000
c.High-end fixtures:$6,000-$15 ,000

Please note that these costs are approximate and may vary depending on the location, materials used, and labor costs. It is recommended to consult with a local contractor or builder for accurate pricing in your area.


Based on the provided information, the list of materials needed to build the house includes:

1. Concrete for foundation walls, footings, pads, posts, and beams
2. Lumber for framing (2x4s for walls and other necessary dimensions for floors, stairways, and roof)
3. Plywood or OSB sheathing for exterior walls and roof
4. Insulation (for walls, floors, and ceilings)
5. Roofing materials (shingles or metal roofing)
6. Siding materials (brick, stone accents, wood siding or other exterior finishes)
7. Windows and doors (including sizes and styles specified in the plan)
8. Drywall or plasterboard for interior walls and ceilings
9. Flooring materials (hardwood, tile, carpet or other specified in the plan)
10. Interior trim work (baseboards, crown molding, door casings)
11. Kitchen cabinetry and countertops
12. Bathroom fixtures (bathtubs/showers, sinks/vanities, toilets)
13. Electrical wiring and components (outlets/switches/light fixtures/electrical appliances as per electrical plans provided in the plan set)
14. HVAC system components (heating/cooling equipment & ductwork as determined by subcontractors based on local requirements & mechanical drawings not included in plan set)
15. Plumbing pipes & fixtures as determined by subcontractors based on local requirements & plumbing drawings not included in plan set

Please note that this list is a general overview of materials needed to build a house according to the provided information; specific details should be discussed with your contractor during construction planning.

– Architectural or Engineering Stamp may be required locally.
– Site Plan will need to be handled locally.
– Energy calculations may be required locally.

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